Pursuing Swift Resolution To Payment Disputes

Contractors depend on prompt, competent and complete performance of their construction projects. Payment disputes and delays can derail an entire project. It is critical for contractors, subcontractors and other interested individuals to understand their options.

The attorneys at Thompson Tarasek Lee-O'Halloran PLLC can advise you about the optimal way to guarantee payment of a claim. We are regional leaders in construction law matters with decades of experience representing commercial construction clients in Minnesota and throughout the Upper Midwest with respect to mechanic's liens and payment bond disputes.

Providing You With A Full Menu Of Legal Options

Our firm offers you comprehensive legal representation designed to protect your profitability. This may include:

Mechanic's liens — Mechanic's liens are a reliable way to guarantee payment because they create an enforceable security interest in the subject property. The downside of a mechanic's lien is that it can impact the project as a whole. In these instances, it may be advantageous to bond off a lien.

Payment bonds — Payment bonds provide protection to contractors working on municipal, county and government projects where the subject property is unable to be secured with a mechanic's lien.

We leverage our experience handling commercial construction matters to provide efficient legal counsel grounded in seasoned legal judgment. Our attorneys can provide you with options tailored to your needs.

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