Understand Your Rights And Your Obligations

Based in Minnesota and serving the entire Upper Midwest, Thompson Tarasek Lee-O'Halloran PLLC regularly represents clients with respect to real estate disclosure obligations and disputes. We bring a comprehensive vision to each case because we have represented both sellers and buyers. You can count on us to craft legal strategies that anticipate how the other side thinks.

Combining Experience And Personal Service

Our attorneys hold decades of experience in sophisticated real estate work. Our clients have included homeowners and players across the real estate industry who have needed help observing and protecting their rights with regard to disclosure obligations.

Further, we handle both transactional and litigation work. We also provide clients with a full menu of dispute resolution approaches, including trial as well as non-adversarial approaches through alternative dispute resolution (ADR) strategies such as mediation and arbitration, among others.

As a result, our firm's lawyers can advise you intelligently and wisely as to your obligations in a proactive way, helping you avoid a disclosure dispute. We can also advise you on your rights when a disclosure obligation has been violated, particularly with regard to a hidden defect.

We have created a law firm committed to a personalized approach, meaning our attorneys work with you themselves. We talk with you to learn the details of your case so we can help you understand how the law applies to your situation and what options are available to you.

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