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January 2016 Archives

Real Estate Disclosure Obligations

Our clients with construction and real estate issues routinely ask one particular question: how will this event impact my ability to sell my home? By which, most homeowners mean, do I have to disclose this event, condition, issue to a prospective purchaser?

Duties Owed By Contractors

One of the most commonly misunderstood matters by homeowners with new construction or remodeling projects is the warranties they are provided and their interplay with the other responsibilities contractors owe for their work. Many homeowners mistakenly believe that if something goes wrong on their project, their only recourse is whatever is set forth in the warranty. While the written warranty does provide and define certain rights and remedies, it typically is not the full extent of the duties a contractor owes to a homeowner. Having a basic understanding of the possible range of responsibilities a contractor may owe in a construction project makes for an informed homeowner. 

What's in Your Contract?

Some experienced contractors seem to intuitively understand the basic terms of their project. Others may be able to quickly identify two or three key terms to watch for when a subcontract hits their desk for approval. But if you've ever had lingering doubts about what you've agreed to in your subcontracts, here are three key concepts to keep in mind. 

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