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The Uniform Electronic Transactions Act

Time is money in the construction and real estate industries, so even when it is sage advice to document agreements, changes, and conversations in writing, the reality is that projects and deals often move so quickly that it is impractical, if not impossible, to do so by traditional means and methods. The growth of electronic

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Construction Arbitration

Construction Arbitration Under the New AAA Construction Industry Rules Arbitration is a common method for resolving construction disputes outside of litigation. In 2015, the American Arbitration Association amended and updated its widely used Construction Industry Rules for arbitration, and these New Rules will apply to most AAA construction arbitrations commenced after July 1, 2015. The

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New Construction Projects

When starting a construction project, typically, much time and money is spent on hiring the right architect and general contractor, reviewing plans, and making finish selections. An often-overlooked task is ensuring that the contract documents (i.e. the design and construction agreements, plans, specifications) afford an owner necessary protections. Oftentimes, a small amount of money and

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Construction Law and the 2016 Minnesota Legislative Session

The second year of the 89th Session of the Minnesota Legislature convenes on March 8, 2016. This year’s session is unusually late and will only last a short 11 weeks, but undoubtedly construction and construction-related issues will be at the forefront of much legislation considered this session. Construction at the Capitol Though not specifically legislation,

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Association Living

Many neighborhoods have nice amenities and aesthetics – like the gate and monument that welcome homeowners and visitors to the community, or the community pool that provides respite on hot summer days, or the scenic walking and jogging trails. Most of the time, these amenities are provided because the neighborhood is part of a homeowners’

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Real Estate Disclosure Obligations

Our clients with construction and real estate issues routinely ask one particular question: how will this event impact my ability to sell my home? By which, most homeowners mean, do I have to disclose this event, condition, issue to a prospective purchaser? Clearly, disclosure requirements weigh heavily on the minds of homeowners, and it is

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