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Thinking About Getting in On Minnesota's Construction Boom?

If January is any indication, 2017 should be a banner year for homebuilding in Minnesota! If you are one of homeowners looking to hire a contractor this year for a new construction project, make sure to take steps to protect yourself by doing your due diligence, including hiring a licensed contractor. 

Minnesota Construction Boom?

On Wednesday, January 4, 2017, Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton proposed the largest public construction package in Minnesota history. Projects that would see an influx of money include state colleges and university projects, water infrastructure projects, farming operations, rehabilitation for local roads and bridges, and more. 

Architect Liability in Minnesota

Every construction project begins with an idea. Whether it be the dream home of a residential homebuyer or a fifty-story tower to add to a skyline, a professional architect must first design the project. Should a construction project manifest defects upon completion, the question of who's at fault follows. Delays in the work, going beyond an allotted budget, and construction defects are all potential problems that could be the responsibility of a professional architect. Compared to laborers, professional architects are held to a different standard of care when it comes to proving fault for any problems haunting a project. In Minnesota, proving a professional architect breached his or her standard of care requires extra steps for aggrieved property owners at the outset of a lawsuit. 

Five Tips for Homeowners Who Think They Might Have a Construction Defect

A construction project is difficult. It requires a complicated sequence of coordination and cooperation of various trades, including concrete workers, framers, window installers, plumbers, electricians and roofers (to name just a few). A building is a complex puzzle that integrates many pieces of dissimilar materials. Opportunities for errors abound. Unfortunately, some builders, who either know too little or work too fast, miss crucial details. The resulting construction defects can become nightmares for homeowners.

New Construction Projects

When starting a construction project, typically, much time and money is spent on hiring the right architect and general contractor, reviewing plans, and making finish selections. An often-overlooked task is ensuring that the contract documents (i.e. the design and construction agreements, plans, specifications) afford an owner necessary protections. Oftentimes, a small amount of money and time spent with an attorney to review the documents at the start of the project can save thousands of dollars and headache later. Even with a very basic contract, an attorney can assist you in keeping the critical terms in mind, including: 

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